Computerized Shuttle Quilting mc

1. Extreme precision with 360º intricate patterns.

2. Producing many kinds of sewing patterns such as: panel quilts with few needles · patterns with filled areas · jump patterns· fine embroidery, signatures, trademark, etc.

3. Unique design of upper creel makes it very easy to exchange upper thread. The operator can finish it conveniently in front of the machine without any climbing equipment.

4. Unique adjustable (0~40mm) active roll feeding system can adjust ideally materials of different thickness and allow perfect sewing without skipped stitches on very thick (or very thin) materials and exotic "puff" effects without destroying materials.

5. Unique design of shuttle holder makes every stitch more precise and reliable.

6. Unique automatic tension-damp system on passive feeding (adjustable) ensures perfectly the more equal & reliable material feeding and more convenient operation.

7. Unique "dot" presser system allows the reduction of resistance on presser-plate when quilting very thick materials and makes every stitch trace clear and compact with distinct third dimension (without loose thread).

8. Up-to-date overall design has not only beautiful appearance but also perfect safeguard, which makes the operation more safe and reliable.

9. It allows the cloth to move forward and backward at low or high speed.

10. The photoelectric thread break detector has the features of high sensitivity (optional device).